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What is Social Entrepreneurship?

11 Mar 2014, Posted by Leesa in Social Entrepreneurship

You might’ve heard it, but do you really understand what is social entrepreneurship? Here are some insights:


Social Entrepreneurship is the use of innovative new solutions to solve our biggest social challenges. The idea that business can be used to do good is igniting change in the economy.


Social entrepreneurship borrows some business logic but has a much broader mission. It has at it’s core a desire to improve society. For a social enterprise wealth is not merely measured through profit, but through the impact on all the stakeholders, including the environment, the workers and the community.


Social entrepreneurship takes a new approach to find solutions to human problems such as hunger, poverty, access to clean water, and more. By turning problems into projects and measuring results, it creates real progress.


Social entrepreneurship allows people to help themselves and make an impact. It is not charity and does not simply give aid, it educates people on how they can solve the problems in their own communities. It is inclusive and often creates sustainable income to fund it’s own social ventures. Social entrepreneurship allows change makers to empower the communities they serve.


Young people are becoming more aware about the problems of society and have a growing desire to change the world. Social entrepreneurship creates a platform for everyone to work together for a better world. It is important to realize that the people most likely to solve the world’s challenges may be those most affected. Innovation comes from an open dialogue between the stakeholders and the change makers.


Humanity faces social and environmental challenges that are both bigger and more urgent than ever before. We need nothing short of a paradigm shift.  The rise of social entrepreneurship is one of the keys to creating a brilliant future for coming generations.

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