Social Entrepreneurs | Heroes Economy | Harmless Harvest: The Power of Positive Consumerism and Anti-Marketing


How to Scale an Impact Driven Business | Discover Harmless Harvest co-founders journey to building the one and only 100% raw and organic coconut water company on the planet.

06 Aug 2014, Posted by Leesa in Podcast

Driven by the desire to create a positive impact and be the right side of history, our guests today recognised the need for more integrity in our brand-based culture. They went on to pioneer a better business model that is changing the rules of their industry. Justin Guilbert and his co-founder Douglas Riboud are proving that positive relationships between people and plants are possible, and that consumer power can be used for good.

Two and a half years later, their first product, 100% raw and organic coconut water, was launched to major success – an encouraging proof that sustainable and ethical sourcing coupled with a pioneering technology and no marketing budget for the benefit of the actual product works.

Today we’re going to be talking about the journey to building Harmless Harvest.






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