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The #1 community, business and marketing platform for social entrepreneurs and changemakers. The Heroconomy is a global platform of changemakers, visionaries, and social entrepreneurs who are reinventing business as a force for Good.


  • We’re on a heroic mission to take on the world’s grand challenges.
  • To be the solution (not the problem) and turn business into a force for Good.
  • To accelerate the growth of a new economy where everyone wins.
  • To inspire and reshape the conversation around the future of business and our planet.
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Heroes Economy Manifesto

Our Manifesto


We are passionate about making the world a better place through business and we want the world to know it. Living deeply, doing good, creating a world that works for everyone and working collectively to be part of the solution tops the list of things we strive for.


Get to know our manifesto and learn a little more about our mission and what lights our fire – our pact for helping businesses to change the world.


Share this manifesto with others so we continue to grow business as a force for good.


  • We have a shared purpose.
  • To solve the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.
  • To push the frontier in the areas of the world that need the most help: Food, Water, Energy, Health, Education and Climate Change.
  • To move humanity forward and make capitalism sustainable.
  • To do well in business by doing Good.

Definition of a hero:
A person who is admired for courage or noble qualities.

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Who We Are

We are a global community of changemakers, social entrepreneurs and leaders committed to better ways of doing business. We share a vision of a better world.

We thrive on change and social innovation.

We’re driven by a desire to do meaningful work that makes a positive difference and contributes to the wellbeing of people and the planet.

We’re open to doing something different and daring that disrupts the norm.

What We Do

We provide a place for social entrepreneurs and conscious businesses to connect, innovate and expand their impact globally.

Our media platform empowers conscious leaders and social entrepreneurs to spread the message about doing well by doing Good.

We provide world class marketing and business training to pioneer the next generation of social entrepreneurs and world changing companies.

We inspire others to be part of the solution.

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Our vision of the future is a world where:

  • Purpose is the backbone of profit.
  • Business creates social, environmental and economic well being for everyone.
  • We keep the spirit of capitalism alive and make it thrive… sustainably.
  • We’ve built an economy run by socially conscious empires (and Superheros).
  • People are passionately driven to do work that makes life better for future generations.

Our Values

Our core values are to:

  • Be Courageous
  • Live with Passion
  • Profit with Purpose
  • Enjoy Freedom
  • Move Humanity Forward
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Our Philosophy

We live in a world of possibility.

Its better to adopt new ways of thinking to support where we’re going, not where we’ve been.

The past does not equal the future, unless we live there.

The answer precedes the problem. The solutions to our challenges already exist.

We create bold social impact and achieve mutual gain through collaboration & contribution (not competition).

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